UK Luxury Fake Patek Philippe Reference 2551 – Produced From 1954 To 1960

Think of the reference 2551 as a thinner, automatic 2525. These two Swiss made replica watches were offered side by side in the perfect replica Patek Philippe catalog of the 1950s but in the two years separating the earlier 2525 from the later 2551, a lot had changed.

Namely, the 2526 was introduced as the first automatic UK 1:1 fake Patek Philippe Calatrava and the famed caliber 12-600 was ready. Using that revolutionary caliber, considered to be one of the finest self-winding movements ever produced, top copy Patek Philippe began slowly updating its time-only lineup.

The 36mm “oversized” and stepped case was, again, made by Wenger and features fluted or ridged lugs similar to not only the 2525 but the Wenger reference 2499 cases of this era. Thinness is of note here in contrast to the best 1:1 replica Patek Philippe 2526. While both are 36mm in diameter, the 2526 is much more of a sport offering with a much stouter feel and thick case. This was a necessity in part because of the thicker enamel dial. In contrast, the 2551 is an elegantly slim option powered by the same great movement. The “PP” logo crown lets the real heads know that this is an early automatic Patek Philippe Calatrava fake for sale.

Considering everything that the Swiss movement replica Patek Philippe 2551 has going for it with ties to the 2526 and 2499, one would think all of this equates to a market value that is higher than the standard “nice vintage high end fake Patek Philippe UK” pricing seen on the rest of this list. One would be wrong. Solid 2551s change hands right at $20k.

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