UK Best Quality Replica IWC Pilot Mark XVIII IW3270-0

Swiss made replica IWC UK is known for its Pilot’s Watch range. John Mayer is one of the foremost collectors of the Big Pilot. For most, the aviation-centric model that’s built for a wider range of wrists is the Mark series, which can trace its lineage back to the Mark 11. Over the past decade or so the Mark range has evolved from a 41mm copy watches for sale to a 40mm. It has seen dial evolution from an instrument gauge cluster date window to a standard color-matched date display as well as tweaks to the layout of the Arabic numerals. As of today, we are living with the cheap replica IWC IWX Mark XX. But for this edition of Pre-Owned Picks we are going to look at the previous-gen Mark XVIII.

In many ways, the perfect replica IWC Pilot XVII represented a return to heritage for the Mark series. It was a bit less aviation heavy and a bit more field watch-y. The star of the show here is no doubt the high contrast of the stark white numerals against the textured matte-black dial with an almost hidden date window with a matching black surface. While the aaa quality fake IWC Mark XX refined a lot of design elements from this very watch, the XVIII will now be remembered as sort of the last true tool watch in the Mark series. Everything from the black surrounds on the hands to the fully brushed case make this a wonderful distillation of purpose-built design.

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